Shell Whirl 1.0

Shell Whirl 1.0



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: BeachWare

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A beach themed matching game with a totally new spin! Give it a Whirl! Kick off your shoes and transport yourself to an island paradise where you while away your time spinning shells at the beach. Photo-realistic island imagery and soothing animations will clear your mind and relax your world. The first game is called Beach Comber, can be described as a Spinning Shell Matching Adventure. You start with a game board of randomly spinning shells. It is your goal to spin shells so that they have matching rotations. When you have a set of three matching spins then those shells whirl off the screen and you complete that section of the game board. The tricky part of the game is that you also have other spinning sea items that are fixed spinners. You can t change the spin of these sea items, so you have to match the shells spins with these fixed spinners. Fixed spinners are sea items that are not shells, things like Angel Fish, Sea Horses, and Starfish. The second game is called Tide Wash and we describe it as a Spinning Shell Endless Play game. This game has similar game play to Beach Comber, but there is no map progression and more random game boards. Play whatever game the tide washes in. If you get stuck on a level of the game and you can t find additional moves, you can always click on the Wave Break button and a big, refreshing wave will wash onto your screen and re-sort all the shells and sea items. The third game is called Ocean Breeze and is a Classic Matching Adventure in the tradition of many of the other Match-3 games that you may have played in the past. In this game you slide rows and columns to make matches. You get to choose whether you are matching items, or item rotationAnd the fourth game is called Island Dreams and is a Classic Matching Endless Play game. It is a Classic Match-3 that you can just play forever. No timers, no map progressions, no stress, no worries; just carefree game play and relaxing Shell Whirl fun.

Systems: Windows

Tags: endless play game   sea items   fixed spinners   spinning shells   spinning shell   play game   no map   matching adventure   match 3   game play   game board  

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